Tsuritama 03 - Three Point Range

Sorry for the unpunctual post; things get a bit busy near the end of the semester. In light of the NBA playoffs starting, I sort of thought of casting as a long range shot because I have no idea how fishing works. As seen, this week's fishing lesson of the week is on how to cast a lure with precision to increase your chances of actually catching a fish. With this third episode, I think this show has hit its stride; the characters act how you expect them to act, but each of them are gradually growing.

Under the guise of a modest curry shop, the eccentric duck organization is holding its secret operations. I'll have to assume that the leader's "take care of it" mean the removal of Haru and his sister Koko. Something that jumped out at me was actually when Akira said that the aliens are able to control people with water. I initially thought that it was the water gun, but the water itself is really a lot more logical and should've been a more obvious conclusion. Judging from their exchange, it would appear that Akira and his superiors don't necessarily agree on methods, and rightly so, because entering the high school as a transfer student has yet to net to anything. Perhaps he'll finally approach the group and join in on all the fishing in the next episode.

I find myself loving this grandma more and more. I really hope her death flags don't amount to anything. She teaches some short and simple truths to Haru that I really like, specifically her reason on why she still takes care of flowers even though they will die eventually. Death is the final destination for everyone and there's no exception, but that's not important. The importance is to change your mindset from anticipating the inevitable death into loving life you have right now. Though I do find Haru a bit annoying, he's really taking grandma's wisdom and is understanding what it means to be a human.

I'm not sure how many times his grandma kept illness secrets from him, but his moping at home in bed didn't sit all too well with me. He thinks no one understands how he feels, but nobody's a mind reader. He needs to realize that he finally has friends now and that they can help shoulder the mental burdens that are weighing him down. Making good on Natsuki's advice, Yuki blows off his frustration by casting. With Haru cheerleading, and the sea chanting Eno-Shima-Bowl, he eventually gets nothing but net. While he's clearly growing, Yuki still has some work to do with regards to how he communicates with other characters.

I wonder when we're finally going to see more of Natsuki's issues. Clearly, he has his dad on ignore mode, likely because he thinks his dad is trying to replace his late mom with another woman. Even though Natsuki's sister seems to be okay with the present arrangements, Natsuki doesn't want to budge from his position on the subject. Maybe he had a special connection with his mom, perhaps because she was the one who taught him how to fish. For next week, something I definitely want to see is Akira and Tapioca infiltrating the fishing circle.