Euraka Seven AO 01-04: So... wheres Renton?

I had plans to do posts on this series since episode one but circumstances has rendered me unable. There were a ton of things to do in the past few weeks.

Anyway, I have always been a fan of the Eureka Seven series for its fabulous character development and its heart melting romance. Though its ending is to me, questionable, I can’t help but fall for its action and drama. With coming of its sequel, Eureka Seven AO, I hoped to see the reunion of our hero and heroine in the first series.

Watching the first few episodes it’s clear that, for now, the goal is to find Eureka and stop the raging Scab Coral, all the while holding back and running from some big organizations. Quite similar to the first series, however I see little reason for our hero, Ao Fukai, to develop as Renton of the first series did. Hence not much character development, but if any, AO gets stronger in fighting or something like that. This makes me think that the series won’t be as big as the first but meh~, it’s a series worth my attention none the less.

In the first episode the setting left me confused as to where and when they are at. After the first series it was clear that the planet they are living in is our own planet Earth, just ravaged by the Scab Coral. Now in this series, set ten years later, their Earth is now more like our own Earth, with America, Japan and the like.

Now for the bigger question, where is Renton!?! In the end of the first series, Renton and his adopted children go back to earth waiting for Eureka’s return as she stayed with the Scab Coral. In this series we see her returning with Renton’s son. And although, the entire series focuses on Ao as the main hero, I am much~much more interested to know the story behind Eureka and what Renton is doing about it as I am already a fan of the first series and my bond with them is greater than those in this AO series.

Overall a series definitely worth much of my attention, as I’m extremely excited to see how this sequel unravels and to know the continuing story behind Renton and Eureka.