Mirai Nikki - This is how you RUIN a show

Miria Nikki was an amazing experience for the first 12 episodes, offering a great thrill for the most part. The problem with Mirai Nikki, is how badly they tried and tell a story after the first 12 episodes and completely ruin their own formula of character arcs.

Miria Nikki's initial formula was done in the form of character arcs, introducing a new character in the game. Each character in the game was unique, they all had some sort of serious mental scarring or unwavering determination to become the next god of time and space.Throughout each arc, Yukkii began to grow as a character and we learned more mysterious rumors of Yuno, the shining start of the show.

Unfortunately, after the 12th episode, the show does a 90 degree turn towards building up more rumors about Yuno and more build of a final showdown that never happens. All this new information about Yuno, and Yukkii's growth as a character became an annoyance, we no longer had these great character developments for the remaining players in the game. The producers of the show had to dedicate a few episodes directly towards Yukkii's friends in hopes they would shine on their own and give us a break from the randomness of Yuno's behaviour and Yukkii's attempted coming of age story. This change in pace became a Yuno and Yukkii focus on wavering emotions that never matches the feel of the show.
The BEST character in the series IMO.
Everything up until episode 22 was all fine and dandy, the show builds up to an ending I never saw coming. The show made us believe that the world was headed for destruction, with Yukkii becoming trapped by Yuno's deceiving nature and ends up killing everyone trying to help him. After this episode I was pumped for some epic showdown where Yukkii would somehow revert all the horrendous actions he took part in and go out with a bang. Unfortunately the show takes a downward spiral into a "make-it-up-as-we-go-along" story. I won't spoil anything here, but let me tell you something, this was the worst ending to any show I have ever seen. Random flying battles, followed by a fake "everything turned out OK" ending when Yukkii basically ends up sitting the corner with a blanket over his head.

If you wanna ruin your own show, this is how you do it. I would recommend the first 12 episodes for anyone who enjoys thrillers, crazy psychos, and bloody deaths, but after that I felt the show lead me on to expect a half decent ending rather than the shit storm they gave us.

Thrill and action was deserving of an A.
Story plot deserves a C+.
Character development gets an A for the first 12 episodes and an F for the remaining episodes.