Sankarea 5-7 Preservation and The Crush

I think it's been a month, but you can blame Tera for keeping me preoccupied.

I will admit, she is a cute zombie
The creators of this show have made an awesome effort to the details behind Rea as a zombie. Being a zombie doesn't mean everything is fine and dandy, a ton of problems arise about maintaining a living dead corpse. Rea was heavily introduced to the show as a trapped soul within her father's domain. Since Rea was turned into a zombie, she is completely reborn, not only in her own mind, but as a new character that requires even more exploring now that she is dead.

I find Rea has an ominous aura surrounding her as she continues to present her self as a normal girl. When lacking her dose of poison, she becomes something that I have no idea how to describe. The zombification of Rea has transformed her into the mystery of the show, she is a very hot topic for Chihiro as he has dropped his interest for a zombie romance and has woken up to the reality that a zombie is among the living despite acting like a regular person.

It was very interesting to find that grandpa was the one who wrote the zombie book and knows how to preserve the living dead, it will be surprising to find out about this Otoki person that Chihiro's grandpa keeps referring to. Otoki isn't the dead grandma's name so I can only imagine it being some other woman the grandpa tried to resurrect.

Bold move Ranko, should have gone through with it
Following the Rea transformation, the show takes a turn down "other character lane" where some other character gets the spotlight for an episode. Ranko had probably the best "other character episode" that I have seen. The development of Ranko's past and how she developed her affection for Chihiro was well presented through the various jumps in time. Usually I see a rushed history and a quick conclusion as to why a character likes the protagonist for no real reason, however Ranko proves to actually show how she developed feelings over time for Chihiro and even ends the episode by making a move on him.

I have more respect for Ranko now as she suddenly pronounces she wont let Rea win, although I don't see that happening since the show is mainly about the dead Hime (princess). I can't believe how many times I almost burst out laughing during this episode, especially when Chihiro and Ranko meet with Yasutaka. This small segment had Chihiro and Yasutaka describing each other in one sentence.

Did the dad not see how messed up his son was?
Did anyone else think Chihiro is one messed up kid? The guys started watching mature horror shows since he was little and actually wanted to dig up a buried corpse based off a rumor.

Overall this is still my favorite episode and I really should try to keep on top of it. Now that I'm almost level 60 in Tera I will have some more time to get caught up with all the shows I am attempting to keep up with.