Tasogare Otome X Amnesia: First Impression

What happens when you have a a paranormal club where your president is a ghost, who constantly flirts with the only guy who can see her, along with a girl member who can also see her, and another girl member who can't see her? Humor, with a touch of romance, and a hint of sadness is what I found in the first episode. Tasogare Otome X Amnesia had some pretty amusing scenes as the two students who can see Yuuko have to communicate with her in the presence Okonogi who cant see her. This leads to some awesome moments as Teiichi has to remain normal to Okonogi without ignoring Yuuko. The characters are pretty interesting, although Teiichi is only defined by the ghost Yuuko, and doesn't have much of a character otherwise.

Wonder if she would choose another guy if they could see her.
The bulk of the humor will no doubt be found with Yuuko having fun around those who can't see her. If you watched "Another", then you'll remember the dancing scene, and that kind of fun is sure to pop up, except only Yuuko is invisible and Teiichi will look awkward and silly in the eyes of everyone else.

Nothing like kicking over your own grave, leaving Teiiichi to try and explain it.
I see this show using two different methods. An exploration of sadness for being all alone with a limited number of people who can communicate with you, and using the ghost theme to satisfy only the humorous side that was apparent during the show. I hope they balance this out because I love a good show with despair and sadness as a side dish. Assuming they don't go overboard with the humor like Aquarion EVOL, it should be a pretty decent show among the pool of new airings this season.