Sankarea: Great First Impression

Wow, I did not see this coming. I have been trying to watch all the first episodes of the shows that appeal to me this season, but Sankarea really stood out. Not only does the show have an amazing art quality, but it has a lot of serious situations and makes a very interesting watch. It doesn't appear to be a super light show to watch, it has some sad moments that seem real, meaning they are serious issues that plague some of the cast. The show also has some quality humor behind these dark scenarios without making the show seem silly.

It's hard to explain this dark tone the show has, but when you watch it I'm sure you'll understand. If I was to give an example, kore wa zombie desu ka? is funny, light, and silly, yet it deals with death and being turned into a zombie. This show is much more realistic without the light hearted atmosphere or crazy events. I really hope I'm making sense here but again, watch it, i'm sure you'll enjoy it.

Our protagonist (Chihiro) is a normal high school student, who happens to be attracted to zombies. It's funny, but also interesting because he takes this zombie love seriously and even states he isn't attracted to living girls. His cousin is a typical energetic character that likes to teas Chihiro. His sister appears to hold in her emotions because she works for her father at their shrine, she even asks her brother if it's show emotion following a death. The female lead character, Rea Sanka, also has a dark secret that plagues her mind. I really enjoy how most of the characters have already displayed some humor as well as giving us a glimpse at their hidden burdens they carry.

Sankarea shows promise and I really hope it continues this realistic trend where dealing with zombies, death, and other character issues are not taken with some over the top silly humor. I will admit, however that I thought Symphogear would be good after watching its first episode which was super serious as well. I am really tired of these silly shows that make no sense or just want to troll me in some way.