Ozma 03 - Ain't No Ordinary Girl

And just like that we're already halfway through the series. This episode delved a bit more into the world of Ozma, but judging by the pace we're moving at at, we'll only get an ambiguous look of the setting by the end of the show. Japan really seems fond of the idea of treating a not-so-ordinary girl like she's a deity of some kind, yet allowing her no authority at all, sort of like puppet for putting on a show for everyone that's not in the know to appease them.

Now we know that the Theseus is the ruling faction and the Natura are probably the ones that are "being ruled," but at the same time isn't exactly under direct control of the Theseus. What gets serious here is that the Theseus can't survive without cloning. I don't know if it was just me, but one of the guys in the tubes looked like Sam's brother. Did Gido just fuse with him somehow to survive? What's Maya's connection to all of this? Everything is so ambiguous in this show.

I love how they just let Sam go out there alone to get Maya back; nothing bad will happen, right? Being the good girl that she is, she doesn't want to put those who helped her in any unnecessary danger. She's looking for Ozma, but she has no idea what she is going to find. What situation is she trying to change, exactly? Oh, and her telomeres are short enough for her to be a thousand years old. Ain't no ordinary girl indeed.

At the end of the episode, we get a small glimpse of the titular being. This wasn't how I'd imagine a sand whale to look like; it looks extremely machine-like. What's Maya connection to Ozma if she could just summon it with a yell? How did Sam's brother end up in one of those clone tubes when he was searching for Ozma? More and more questions keep popping up, but how many answers will we get by the end of the show? I think it's a pretty difficult task to finish this up tidily in just six episodes. I hope the reason the art and animation quality is so low is because they're investing more time and effort into working out the kinks in the script.