Gundam Age 26 - Goodnight Sweet Prince

They couldn't resist could they?

I think I predicted this would happen a few episodes ago, so it came as no surprise that Woolf was turned into a plot device for Asemu to power up. Nothing like the power of rage to randomly make you stronger. I guess it was no surprise to see I was right about this being the final battle too. I am still liking the direction this arc has taken, I guess romance will not even be an issue in this arc. No super angsty battle for Romary's heart, sigh sigh.

I don't see it, the plan doesn't look dangerous at all. In a battle in space, they rely on wiping out all the forces anyways to reach such a massive structure to strike it directly. I mean bringing your battle station like they did, the fight would be drawn out regardless until 1 sides started to run out of forces. In this sense, capturing and destroying wouldn't have been a huge difference. If that space station had super weapons it could fire, that would be different. We haven't seen anything of that sort yet.

No Gundam show is complete without some super powered laser beam weapon that is so powerful that it could wipe out life on the planet! Only it wasn't directed at the planet and it was blocked like it was nothing. The beam effect was cool to say the least. Much better then your normal beams that is just 1 solid light across; This one had particles and swirls! I would like to point out again that Asemu only ever got 1 upgrade to his Gundam when Flint got 3.

Then we hit the core of our episode. White Woolf was giving too much good advice to Asemu and it was obvious his time was up. I mean, even if he survived, he would be useless in the next arc. He taught ultimate lesson  to Asemu, that normal super pilots are no match for X-Rounders. I mean, how do you beat foresight? No training can train you to predict the future of person that can predict the future! A beautiful end to a good character.

Who knew, rage amplifies your powers. I was always under the presumption in blinded you and caused you to be more exposed. For a second I thought Asemu was going to spare his life like Flint did. I should have known better. Much like how White Wolf was disposable, so was Desil now that he has done his job. All we are missing now is Zeheart killing Flint to complete a cycle.

So onto predictions. As stated earlier in post, Zeheart will kill Flint next throwing Asemu into super rage mode, as if normal rage mode was not enough. The final clash between Zeheart and Asemu will leave both of them crippled with neither dying. How else will their lives intertwine more deeply next arc? All that is missing is the time skip where Asemu gets Romary for absolutely no reason; Kind of like what happened with Emily and Flint. I wonder if that means we will get more a grown up Asemu imouto screentime?