Ozma 04 - Round Two, Sand Fight!

Good lord, is it just me, or is Sam getting progressively more annoying as time goes on? He never does anything while on the ship; all he has on his mind is Maya. He's reckless and impulsive, and never stops to think before he acts. In fact, how the hell did Sam and Minmei even find them? It was like they were waiting around and were lucky enough for Gido's ship to pop up in the right spot. If he had the technology to track them, why did he start bitching at Minmei if he could simply track them again?

This flashback reveals Bainas' motivations for helping Sam, otherwise I think it wouldn't be worth all this trouble. This couple sure looks like modern day Sam and Minmei! Either way, Bainas and Minmei will probably end up sharing the same fate of ending up alone. Based on what the two brothers said about the connection between Maya and Ozma, it's only logical for them to go after her, but how in the world is capturing Ozma going to save the world? Hopefully they'll tell us in the two remaining episodes.

Just as planned! All it takes is one over-ambitious guy to screw over your entire faction. Looking at that flashback at Dick, the more I see of the uncanny resemblance between him and Gido. Maybe they just transferred Gido's mind into Dick's body or something. It looks like they'll reveal more of that because the next episode looks Gido-centric and they'll continue the showdown between him and Bainas.

Again, the sub-silicon battles are fun to watch. This part may look great, but it looked to me like they reused animation in several scenes. It seems like they forgot all about gravity and inertia when speeding up to ram Gido's ship. So now that they're above the sand, how are they going to get Maya out of that ship? Use of force probably wouldn't be the best idea because Gido's crew is likely more heavily armed than they are; talking it out would be a much more boring alternative.