Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka: Of The Dead 01 - It's back!

A full day late to the party, I am not sure what to think about our new mystery girl. Most of the episode was recapping a bit of context of the setting. That ended up being pretty helpful since I forgot most the gags of the show. This will probably be one of the shows I follow every week, I got to stay complete! It was also quite enjoyable last season if you discount the trainwreck ending.

They took great care in reintroducing each character with one of their jokes from last season. It was nice since I forgotten most, much like the fried eggs. His harem seems to have increased since last season though. That random twin tail girl and the other vampire didn't like him last season as far as I remember. How fast a harem can grow even without air time!

The first time they showed this again it was so huge I fall out of my chair shock. We have already heard Yuu's voice, I loved that they put it in anyways. It was even better with commentary from the "real" Eu's voice at the end. It will be awesome to see more CVs doing Eu's voice. Nothing like letting the main character's imagination run wild.

That rainbow puke. I guess faeries would puke rainbows, if anything. I am still can't decide if I like her or not though. Her entrance into the show wasn't that strong though I love her drills. She seemed like the klutz type on first impression but I did like her quite a bit when we got more screen time with her. I guess when everyone realizes she is real, I will be able to form a stronger opinion of her with more of the cast interaction.

You can quite literally see the moment his dream shatters. It was a nice touch to mirror the first episode of last season. I am seriously wondering what will happen now that his secret has been exposed. It would make you the most popular person in school, even if it is for all the wrong reasons. If this season is anything like the last one, I am sure to enjoy the humour, it just does it so well. How can you complain with vampire ninjas?