Fate/Zero 14 - Guns in a Mage Fight

After a 4 month wait, Fate/Zero is finally back! Though it came on the same weekend as Sakura-con and these Niconico live streams just pull me all the way in! On a side note: The quality of people at this con was much better then the Hawaii one. On a much more on topic note, it seems Caster was the most powerful servant of them all if multiple heroes teaming up still can't kill him.

For something quite ugly, it sure is powerful. Anything that auto regenerates is pretty powerful I guess. The question is why isn't it moving towards the shore line after fighting for so long? If it reaches the shore and becomes unstoppable, it should be moving. I guess that would be too logical. So the key to winning is a precision strike right at the core where Caster is, wouldn't Archer be perfect for sniping him out? Archer too busy being useless I guess.

I found this way too humourous. So Beserker and Gilgamesh took their battles to the skies now? What kind of crazy treasure Gilgamesh has that lets him have some plane? I am pretty sure he was living in an age where flying should be impossible let alone keeping up with a fighter plane. I am wondering now if this actually happened in the light novel. One thing was having the budget to animate all these battles is nice.

It was a very interesting take on why Sakura became worm girl. I guess as twisted of a judgement it was, Tokiomi was looking to have both his daughters be able to fulfill their full potential. An outlook where peace is not an option. Afterall, you can't understand the beauty of peace without first experiencing endless strife. Too bad Kariya could not understand such simple logic at all, I guess that is why he is being mindlessly used.

Yet again the rules are broken.  RyĆ«nosuke's death was pretty well done though. A perfect end for someone with such a twisted vision of the world. Bringing guns into a fight with mages is so broken though. It seems almost unfair to use conventional weapons. I guess on that note that if Caster ever got out of hand, he would just get nuked and lose anyways. He seems way to powerful though, you have Rider and Saber on him yet can't even scratch him. Lancer I assume would be able to do quite a bit of damage with his anti-magic and zero regeneration spears that are the key skills of Caster.

So I guess they are pointing at the fact that only Saber can beat Caster. For that to happen, Lancer must die. So I guess it is about time to say goodnight sweet prince. I loved Lancer, but we all knew he wouldn't be able to last long. With his ability hindering our main heroine, we can't have a handicapped main character can we? The first to die now that he had his flashback time and the "least connected" servant.