Guilty Crown 19 - Unlimited Void Works

Oh man, they almost threw the best curve ball in the whole show and made it awesome, but then we had to move back to Shu being the main character. At least Shu is moving back to the "tragic" role which was pretty predictable, they have been forcing that portrayal on him all season; Even if half the time it made no sense. At least we have Shu powered up enough to fight Gai now, I am pretty sure we will be getting a flashback episode of Haruka's past now; That should be mildly entertaining.

Seriously, this came from NOWHERE. At no point was it ever hinted they were siblings, then they suddenly drop this bombshell 19 episodes later. I am expecting some kind of flashback of the past, how everything ends up being connected. I am sure Gai will be somehow linked into this past death of Shu's father. It gives Shu a solid reason to kill them all, after all, killing for the sake of killing isn't Shu's style.

Why would Shu turn to the backstabber for help? That would be the last person you want to ask. What worse was watching her just follow Shu's orders mindlessly. So Arisa could follow Gai mindlessly before, but now she can't? It was funnier to find out the aren't blood related, that makes everything okay for Shu X Haruka and Shu X Mana all that time. Way to throw this in conveniently now, they just love throwing whatever they want into this anime.

Damn this hat, Segai is by far the best character. How can you compare with a character like this? I still can't tell what he was doing to torture the girl though, it was just implied. She didn't look too injured though. At least he went out with quite a bang this episode. I still feel bad watching such a great character stuck in a show like Guilty Crown.

Like I mentioned earlier, I am sure this will be related to the flashback with Haruka. They clearly had intent to hide Gai's true goals by saying it has never changed. It gives way for the flashback to see how his goal was formed in the beginning. It will also link him together with his new posse so we know why he is working for the "bad guys" now. The side switch was just too abrupt and I am sure they will attempt to patch it with more holes.

I was so happy and angry at the same time. I was pretty certain that Ayasa wouldn't be able to get the void powers, but deep down I wished it would happen. We would've gotten such a better main character, even seeing Segai get the void powers would have been awesome too. I think everyone could have used that power better then Shu. Oh ya, I couldn't stop laughing when Yahiro said he didn't want to sacrifice anyone anymore while carrying Souta. He was the one that wanted that tiered ranking thing in place to begin with and sacrificed Souta the most. Convenient change of hearts to redeem characters for no reason.

Ever since they got that power level reader, you knew Shu would draw his own void. So now Shu can create as many different voids he wants without putting them at risk, what a cop out of a skill. It seems quite clear that they are trying to mimic the bible now. Guilty Crown = crown of thorns, Shu bearing the sins of everyone, and crosses everywhere. I guess Shu will die after bearing all the sins, I mean Haruka even mentioned he couldn't survive using the genome thing twice. Maybe we will even get a cart rider end to fuck with everyone again! Another plot filled episode to drive the show further into ridiculousness.