Ano Natsu de Matteru 09 - The Fifth Time

Another week, another great episode of Ano Natsu de Matteru, and I would argue that this week's installment was possibly the best of the series so far. Picking up right where we were left off last week, Ichika comes clean about her extraterrestrial identity and gives the crew a basic rundown of what happened and why she's here. As expected, they were surprised, but didn't really care about the fact that she's an alien.

As we're shown Ichika avoiding Kai once again, we get to see a little more of Kanna's side of things. I really liked the hints and observations she makes of Kai sprinkled throughout the episode. Another example of missed opportunity that seems to be a theme for the show. Kanna has know him for a relatively long time, but chose not to act. You'll never know when a red-headed alien will crash land and snatch your beloved away.

I would say that she's wise beyond her years, but I don't think that would be appropriate because she could be a thousand years old for all we know. I remember writing in first couple episodes that Remon and Tetsurou will probably be the catalysts for the relationships to move forward. In hindsight, I would definitely add both Kanna and Mio into the mix. They all play a part into moulding the main couple.

This scene was absolutely beautiful. The perfect combination of buildup, music, and voice acting. Everything she said hit the nail on its head. From her observations, she was seeing the little things that Kai does for Ichika, and was tired of watching her dance around the topic. Kanna has long already realized that there is no chance that Kai will return her love, so she basically makes a self-sacrifice. Putting the happiness of the one you love before your own happiness is really what love is all about. I couldn't help but tear up a little bit.

After a fierce attempt of putting a mask in front of Ichika, her emotions just overwhelms her. It wasn't even a rejection; she gave up because she wanted what was best for Kai. Unfortunately for Tetsurou, Kanna was so focused on everything revolving around Kai, she never realized his feelings for her. There's nothing Tetsurou could do but lend her a shoulder to cry on.

But what about Mio? Is she crying because she feels sad for Kanna accepting defeat? Is she crying because Tetsurou's comforting of Kanna spells her own heartbreak? Maybe it's both. She'll probably be more of a focus in the next episode.

As bittersweet romance suggests, once the bitter part is over, in comes the sweet. Heeding Kanna's advice, Ichika finally addresses the elephant in the room. Their love is obviously mutual, so they finally decide to put it into words. It was a really good transition from sad emotions to a much fluffier tone to end the episode on a happy note. Now that the main couple has been established, all that's left to resolve is the remaining love triangle, and the issue of whether or not Ichika leaves. Only three more episodes left!