Mirai Nikki Ep 21 Uryuu's Final Act

Au Contraire!
Episode 21 sure took its sweet time coming out. I had to suffer for weeks without my Mirai Nikki fix, but it was worth the wait with Uryuu's continued spotlight and a return to a more believable Yukkii. Plenty of action filled up this episode with a steady pace of awesomeness at every turn.

Uryuu has captured the role of "best diary holder" for her craziness above the other diary holders, and with how hard it is to figure her out. I was highly interested with how she would take to Nichijima's death, and lucky for me she continues her bad-ass bomb girl role, but retains this subtle sadness inside of her for his death. Uryuu really shined in this episode with her resolve to help Yukkii and we even see a rare emotional side that links to her deepest desires to have her family back. I realized how similar the two are, and how crazy it is to see how Yukkii could one day turn up to be just like Uryuu.

Why not?
The last few episodes had Yukkii running around being all serious showing no emotion as he killed others, but thankfully he returns to normal after putting on a strong resolve to become god and bring his family back from the dead. Yukkii was brought back down to Earth after his conflict with Uryuu, which was a nice return to a believable Yukkii rather than the hardened version we saw in the past few episodes. Yukkii is once again an interesting character as we get closer to the end, with a bleak future that gives no promises for how things will turn out. 

Akise still plays a role in this game, safeguarding Eighth he now holds a key piece and will help determine how the game will end. Akise is the only non-diary holder that interests me, he is cunning, smart, and is able to play along with any situation to make things more interesting

Wheres your hand at?
There were a few things that really bothered me in this episode near the end. After returning home with his friends, Yuno tells him he still needs to kill off Eleventh, Eighth, and Ninth, and yet we were lead to believe that Ninth and Eleventh had already died. After learning about Deus and Eleventh's creation of the diaries, nothing else was really brought up about Uryuu and Deus' conversation.  

 I'm super pumped to find out more about who Yuno is and what this secret is about her not being the real Gasai Yuno, even after accessing the vault of which only the real Yuno would have access to. The mysterious gears popping up over town suggest Deus doesn't have much time left, with Murumuru pointing out that Deus should last until the 28th, the day where Yukkii and Yuno are suppose fall in love or something. 

P.S. I found this poster at my school, accidental meaning? I THINK NOT!