Symphogear 11 - Bullet Proof Boobs

Oh god, the just had to have this scene. Aim for the exposed skin only to find it is ineffective. I guess this is the answer to age long question, why female exposes so much skin, it is better protection then metal! Not to mention, the more skin exposed, the higher the defense rating, which is consistent with her armor being the best Symphogear. Humourous armor aside, we finally get to see Chris' swan song, best of the bunch so far. It was a decent episode, finally moving back into the action and grimdark theme.

It was kinda funny the first time, after reusing the joke twice in 1 episode, it gets pretty stale; I hope she dies now. What is rare is a clear background character, she has quite a lot of lines. I wonder how that worked out, rare to give a no name seiyuu so much opportunity. The 3 of them still make terrible friends, I don't know why they bother to try including Hibiki and Miku. Clearly they never cared enough to notice their problems until now, even their reacctions were kind of flat.

So we get our slight plot twist with Ryoko turning out to actually be the main nemesis; I can't believe I couldn't catch that, all the signs were there; She even had her hair down one episode. I guess the Americans turned out to be not evil, go figure. My ability to only identify characters by their hair colours is showing, Oh ya, sucks to be Akuma, great character stuck in a crappy show.

So Fine is really a god/ghost here to change the world by blowing up the moon? At least she made herself sound righteous in her cause. My presumption is still they will try and redeem her though, kill Fine while finding a way to save Ryoko; Or at least try and change Fine's way of thinking. Probably linked to Hibiki's special swan song that can save everyone and only she dies. I think I am confusing this show with Guilty Crown though D:

Triple transformation time! 2 melee fighters to protect the long range artillery, a pretty good combination. They say the elevator was made to be the Kadingir but how is this possible? When you create an giant elevator shaft, super powered guns being built into it should be a pretty red flag something is wrong. Not to mention it has to have the ability to raise above the ground to such an extent. So many extra functionality to an elevator shaft is pretty much impossible unless everyone was in on this.

Wing Zero to the rescue! I can't believe how awesome Chris' swan song turned out to be compared to the other 2 we saw. Kanade and Tsubasa just kinda exploded, Chris is the first one to see an upgrade to her weapons; Too bad she wasn't able to stop the other beam blast fully. So with a piece of the moon broken off, Earth is now screwed. Their is this magical force called gravity that will slowly pull that huge chuck of the moon to the Earth smashing into it killing life as we know it. I wonder if the writers realized this, probably not due to their terrible plot writing skills.

So with the final episode next week, this is last time I get to make predictions. Chris will survive, plot armor is stronger then that blast. Tsubasa will be defeating leaving everything up to Hibiki who finally gets her weapon, probably just brass knuckles to improve her punches. She is going to beat Fine up until she tells Hibiki she has the power to end everything with her Swan song. She proceeds to sing and wipes all noise off the world and somehow killing Fine too leaving Ryoko fine; Sacrifice herself for everyone else. Pretty descriptive prediction, lets see how close I am.