Guilty Crown 21 - Use Love to Beat Suffering

So only one more episode until the finale. It has been a rollercoaster of a season. The plot was a train wreck, but at least it did a good job at being so absurd it was funny all season; Even if that was not the intention. The only real highlight this episode was watching Daath vs Shu fight. It was also so humorous to see how they explained the Shu x Inori was to cure each other's "pain". Too bad it was just so terribly done, maybe if they thought of this idea at the start of the anime rather then tossing it in at the end... Oh ya, Souta didn't make the endcard, huzzah!

I love how they conveniently put this scene in but did not explain it at all. It was clear Gai was opposed when he first came out of the pool, but why was their no other choice? He clearly isn't being forced to do this. This scene will probably be the fall back that Gai was forced so that when he dies, yet he can still look like the "good" guy.

Oh god, Ayasa is going to die isn't she? She only had eyes for Gai when this anime started, I guess Shu finally won her over into his harem. It isn't 100% certain she is dead though, only Shu is guaranteed to die. Either way, this was the final parting message for them to be remembered by. I still think Ayasa was the best girl of this show.

Did they seriously think this through? The reason Inori likes Shu was because he seemed human? I see the "love" they tried to force out pretty hard this episode. It would have been better if it was left unexplained, now I am forced to poke at how shit it is. Inori loves Shu basically because he suffers so much. Can't the same thing have been said about Gai who she met much earlier? It was clear he already confided in her too, in the EXACT same way.

Shu is probably funnier, he hates Mana but loves Inori? They are, in essence, the same person! Shu liked Inori way way way before any of the things mentioned occured, where was Inori to support him when she walked into Gai's room so many episodes ago? He was only alone because he chose to drive everyone away, how can that really be any reason at all? Their "love" was better left unexplained... Yet again Guilty Crown likes to takes their time to explain things by puncturing more holes into their plot.

So the final episode is upon us. No doubt Shu is dead already, Inori will probably follow suit. Gai might survive, but I think a sword is stronger then his bow and will kill him. Most likely Shu will make use of Inori's powers somehow and broadcast his powers out to remove the stoning effect from everyone before killing himself and Inori off. That leaves the undertakers to do the epilogue and paint him as the savior. I hope Ayasa survives D: