Mirai Nikki Ep 22 - Kill Everyone!

This question was left burning in our minds for a whole week.
I was not anticipating this episode to go by so fast for myself. The entire time I was on the edge of my seat watching Yukkii shoot his friends in cold blood with all these questions being raised towards Yuno's existence, and the fate of all life on earth. This episode was the beginning of the end, and I have no idea what is going to happen in the finale.

Shes definitely using Yukkii for something, but for what?
While Yukkii is the center of this show, Yuno is the main attraction with her mysterious and curious end game goals. Throughout the season I though Yuno was just a psycho who was fixated with Yukkii, however this episode raises further questions to whether or not she is the original Yuno, or who Yuno even is. Yuno seems to be in possession of three diaries, raising speculation about multiple Yuno's or something of the sort. I have been able to half guess most of the mysteries that circulate throughout the show but I really have no idea who Yuno is or what this girl's purpose really is. Akise made it clear that she is just manipulating Yukkii, but I don't think he realized it himself until after his meeting with Deus.

I wonder what will happen to Murumur.
Akise had this surprising confrontation with Deus, only to find out his existence was created by Deus as a spectator, which makes a lot of sense with how awesome Akise is. Unfortunately this little emotional showing feels bland after Akise escapes only when Eigth makes him a diary, thus giving him an alibi for existing. This scene was served as a triumphant win over Deus's reasoning and logic, but it ends up being a pancake flat quick fix that makes no sense by using a diary which Deus created in the first place. Akise's end was nowhere near as awesome as Uryuu, but Akise was still one of the dominant characters of the show.

Oh no, trust me, she NEEDS to kill.
Overall this was a nice set up for the final episode, and it actually returns to the original emotions that were set in the beginning of the show. We have no idea who Yuno really is or what her intentions are, and we find Yukkii to be a confused, scared little sheep, but there are no covers for him to hide under this time. 

WOW did not see this coming.
I did not expect Akise to go so far as to kiss him, I will admit there were several undertones of his apparent love for Yukkii but I did not expect this.