Guilty Crown 22 - The Final Song?

After a long half year, we finally reach the conclusion for Guilty Crown. To be honest, it was slightly better then I expected, but then I wasn't expecting anything; Too bad they ruined it all in the final 3 random timeskip minutes. I guess it is to be expected that their writing sucks, I just didn't think they could butcher so much in such a short time span. At least some good music came out of this show, the final song at the end just fit perfectly.

I'll start at an absolutely random point, all the random battles happening in between. I did like seeing a direct connect with the enclaves, at least we see that it is possible to pilot it directly. The hacking scene was a nice side thing, too bad they never explained why or anything about Kenji. They made a big deal about him when he was first introduced, then he got zero screen time until these last 2 episodes.

Then you have Mana finally awakening. It was funny to see Shu mention that she looked the same but was a different person. Funny, since she was still his sister, but acted like they didn't even know each other. I still think Mana was much better then Inori, at least she said more then just 1 word over and over again. Not to mention I liked Mana's outfit more then Inori's one... maybe on par with the white Inori outfit.

So to sum it up, Shu reaches his red strings to a plant and gets Inori's sword and beats Gai cause he throws the match. Then we get the story to "redeem" Gai which was obviously coming; I just didn't expect it to be so stupid. So basically it was all an "act" to save Mana? Why so much dramatics then? There would be no need for battle to begin with, Daath was already gone so he could pretty much go about doing whatever he wants. I love last second character redemption that make no sense.

At least this part was predictable from quite a few episodes ago. His ability was perfect for saving the world after the last christmas hit again. The final scene with Inori was even a nice touch, but that was where it should have ended; I would have chalked that up to nicely tying things up for this show. It would have been the bittersweet end of Shu becoming the savior while being able to reunite with Inroi. Btw: That guy shoved Daryl into the elevator when he could have just got on with him, talk about sacrificing your life for nothing.

Then these final scenes destroyed everything they created in 1 fell swoop. They start off with robots having robot babies, which isn't possible. Then they proceed to indirectly tell you that Tsugumi has become a teacher. Why would you be a teacher when you can work in computer industries with her skills? Then you see that they picked Hare of all people to celebrate a birthday. I mean after an event like that, I doubt you would want to be celebrating any of their birthdays. It would more be a gathering around a tombstone or the location where that tower was. Then we get a blind Shu walking in too. Be a hero and have nothing to show for other then being a cripple. Also left alone since apprently none of his "friends" saw him recently too. Why does he bother living! I wanted to pin an age on the time skip but it is so hard to tell, it could be anything from 3-20 years. Shows do epilogues for a bit of closure on a glimpse of a character's future, we got none of that. All we can tell is Shu still can't get over Inori, why not just clone another one? She never talks, you would never know the difference.