Last Exile: Fam 19 - Grand Exile

The Vasant looks so much better with her hair down then in that cap thing. So the final boss has finally appeared in this show, the Grand Exile. I guess this would be the main Exile while all those other ones are just fragments of this main body. Quite clearly they have no intention in involving any character from the first season and leave Fam to save the day with her magical moe powers.

So last episode was not enough to justify Liliana's action, they had to dedicate a few more minutes to her betrayal. She should have took the chance to shoot him though. Why would you trust him for world peace when you control the Exile and do the exact same thing and hold all the power? If you are going to shunned anyways as the bad guy, might as well be the one calling the shots.

This just felt so unnecessary. They needed to "redeem" Dian of her actions for absolutely no reason. She was very clear on what she was doing, she was even to go so far to shoot down Fam, why would she suddenly care about the witch the slaughtered her nation? She said out right that a truce would be terrible, this was just such  a terrible attempt at redeeming a character just so you can create more inconsistencies. I guess everyone has to end up as "good" characters by any means necessary? It is just that kind of anime I guess.

So Dio finally does something all season. The first character of the last season cast to do anything of value. At least one of the main enemies are down. This also means that Alvis is still a threat to Luscinia, the question is how much? There would be no way their tiny Exile ships are any match for the GRAND Exile. I still wonder why Anatory does nothing when they clearly had the power to stop this problem at it's roots. This plot is strung together so thinly.

With a blast like that, how did his ship survive? That plot armor is on super mode. I am pretty sure the Grand Exile won't be destroyed even though they will try anyways. More likely Fam will enter the ship, seduce Augusta with her loli powers and they run off while Luscinia will end up repenting his actions and get killed by random shot from a character right as he realizes his mistake. I am still asking myself, why did they need a flashback of first season if they have zero impact on the story?