Gundam Age 23 - Return of Grodek

Asemu being emo and moral all day is getting boring. The cold and Flint seems to be pretty awesome now that he isn't the main character. I assume the arc will end with Asemu finally finding his path out of his father's shadow. The slight warning, pretty bad post, Kawaii-Kon has stolen all my attention and I have no ability to write right now.

That was an interesting way to introduce the new X-Rounders. I guess they will be playing larger role in the future as they die off 1 at a time. I am liking Zeheart as a commander though, he lived up to his failure. I would think Desil would be rage mode everywhere though. At least the Vegans are now killable by the random pilots and not untouchable anymore.

Wow, screen time again for her? It was subtle for the one episode, but now it seems like 1 of them is going to die. Considering 1 is permenatly in the line of fire and losing, I think Obright is going to die now. When they spend so much time developing a relationship, they must smash it with the hammer of destiny. Being a non essential character in Gundam is suffering.

How did Woolf survive this? Literally 10 people aiming at him, and not 1 was able to hit, his plot armor is pretty powerful. How was he able to get a car when he was pinned down like that? God, so how does Woolf not able to beat a X-Rounder. His plot armor should be powerful enough to do it.

As always Asemu swoops in and kills everyone with ease. It seems the main focus of this arc is Asemu looking for his "true" path unlike the quest for power that it usually is. Quite a few times has he run off to sulk and there is a huge emphasis on Asemu trying to be his father. An emotional battle rather then a power one since plot armor will save him in that aspect. It is interesting to see how this develops.

Grodek got such a nice re-introduction. Since Flint has come from him, I am sure Grodek will be back in action soon enough. Maybe he is looking to have Grodek whip Asemu in shape like he did to Flint. I love how they were both wearing sunglasses indoors at night to build some crappy semi-kool factor. A short and probably worst post I made in a while. Sorry,  Kawaii-Kon has stolen all my attention today D: