Black Rock Shooter ep 8 - Redemption

Rainbow Gun
Well, I know I promised to keep up to date with BRS posts, but honestly I felt so lost in this show that I had no idea what to blog about, but here I am after the final episode. I wont spoil anything btw.

This episode has redeemed itself on the plot side of things, to an extent at least. I was so confused as to what exactly the girls in the "dream world" were, or what their purpose was, but after learning about them I find this show to be a little more enjoyable. After this episode I felt myself reminiscing to the final episode of Madoka, except this comparison is only justified in its context and not the quality of the show itself. Black Rock Shooter episode 8 was a nice return to all the pretty colours they had for the art style, and while the shows actual quality is sub-par, the colour style for the characters and environments was quite compelling.

The last 2 episodes do a great job of clearing things up, but it is still unable to pull its weight in the combat portion. The continuation of the battle between Yuu and Black Rock Shooter is brought to an enjoyable end with lots of character expression and personal resolves coming to light. I was actually highly interested with all that I learned about the girls and their connection to the real world. This episode was more or less well thought out, and delivered on a 7.5/10 conclusion as an ending for BRS.

It is very hard to string together a conclusion that satisfies all the questions brought up in a show, and is even harder to deliver them in a fashion that is both compelling, exciting, and complete. I felt that this episode satisfied all the questions I had about BRS and the characters within, although I find myself still confused towards Black Gold Saw's character and her counterpart.

Pretty Colours!!
I think I will end up watching the show all over again with the knowledge of the last 2 episodes so that I may actually understand what is going on in the show.

Stay tuned for a more in-depth review of Black Rock Shooter within a few days.