Guilty Crown 18 - Through the Eyes of Inori

So a bit late post due to some stuff. Also check out some new banners we added. Onto the episode, we had a very Inori centric episode, we literally follow her around like she is the main character of the show. This anime is quite clearly closing in on the big finale. I am back to watching this show not for the serious plot, but the humour in how serious they try to be. Ass pulling is always fun and games, you never know what they will do next!

So I guess that solves one of the questions I had last week, no one knew he was coming. It was funny watching him fire 3 voids at the aircraft killing 3 people off instantly. I kinda liked that scythe weapon girl, what a sad fate for characters to be disposed when the arc ends. I guess Shu wasn't that bad of a leader looking back huh? The question is, how did Inori get away so quickly carrying Shu with her?

I found this absolutely hilarious. How is it not obvious why they would want Inori? She has a sword that can pretty much do anything, it was so strong it didn't even rate on that power level thing. Add on that Inori is needed for reviving Mana, that just gives Gai more reason to want Inori. It was just hilarious watching Shu's mom try to justify herself though. So after Arisa went off whoring herself out, she is now reduced to being a pawn, serves her right. It is always secret organizations running everything!

Daryl switched sides much sooner then anticipated at least. The question is the role Segai plays in all this. He seems like such a wild card in all of this. He is definitely the best villain I have seen in quite some time, very grounded and portrayed as much more then just "evil". I wonder if he will flip over to Shu's side before the end of the anime, such a good character trapped in an anime filled with plot holes.

I couldn't stop laughing at this scene, I had to pause the video. I know it wasn't meant to be, but all I could think of was all the "hand" jokes about Shu. I wonder what happened to the puppet leader guy, we didn't see him die yet. I assume he will be the fallback for Shu now that Inori is gone. Shu is useless on his own and needs someone smart to rely on.

So it is pretty clear Mana has started to taken over Inori. At least it explains why Inori is suddenly clinging onto Shu so much. Her monster rage mode was terribly ugly, I am happy Gai put her down. I guess since they revisited her void, before the end, we will learn the reason why her void is a sword. I like to also look back when Gai was first introduced with his world domination plan, what happened to that? Anything can happen when you neglect plot holes and throw in as many twists as possible!