Random Update: Devil Survivor 2 + My New Nendoroids

So today is the day I have waited quite some time for; The release of Devil Survivor 2. The sad part is I probably won't have much time to really sink some solid hours into the game until the weekend. To add on to the awesome-ness, I finally got my slippery slope Madoka petite nendoroids too.

So to start off, I spent all my money sliding down that slippery slope faster so I just downloaded the ROM which I realized was out 3 days ago. Here is link download Devil Survivor 2 English rom. I am really looking forward to this game. Only problem is I haven't touched my NDS for about 8 months, looking back now, the screen is tiny. Even my phone has better graphics then this D:

Onto my other news, here is my box of new Madoka nendoroids. The workmanship isn't spectacular as the holes don't match the joints perfectly. I had to file down some of them to get it to fit. By the end, my fingers were hurting putting them all together. Oh ya, I bought those keychains a few weeks ago that you see on the side. I am just making my way down the slippery slope.

So here is all them put together. I was very pleased with the secret Godoka figure, heck, it was why I bought it. The quality was much higher then I anticipated and looks amazing. I ended up paying much more then I had to since I only ordered them a few weeks ago since Hobby Search miraculously let you pre-order again. I learned though, never use Hobby Search. They charged me 2 times as much shipping as AmiAmi does and lists way too much on the declaration form and I got smacked with an extra $16 in customs charges.Though, I think I am starting to like Kyoko, she is growing on me.

Random update aside, back to playing Devil Survivor 2. I'll do a final review once I complete my first playthrough.

Random side note: Currently ranked 7th for Lan on Yome Collection. I still patiently await Homura being added. All 4 magic girls then they add QB before Homu Homu, what a bunch of trolls. With so many people constantly asking about how to play, might steal make a guide for registering through the moon runes.