Mirai Nikki Eps 18-20 Jam-Packed-Awesomeness!

Epic win.
Holy crap did ep 20 ever renew my faith in this show. I found episodes 18-19 to be very rushed and at a loss for the steady flow that Mirai Nikki has held throughout its season.

Wonder how it smells?
Episode 18 was really two episodes crammed into one, forcing all of the juicy important info into a compact burst, which flew right over my head. I was shocked with how Yuno was treated, but also I find myself giving sympathy for the poor girl.

The confrontation and resolve of Yukkii and his father was rushed in a way that makes me wish I didn't even watch it. I was very intrigued at how Yukkii's father would intertwine with the diary holders, but instead they ruin a perfect opportunity to bring one more delicate situation to Yukkii's life.

Episode 19 was fairly interesting, but it made the mistake of assuming that the previous episode was good enough to tell us how Yukki has changed. I found it hard to follow with what was happening between the remaining diary holders. Yukkii has apparently become hardened by everything that has happened so far, we have seen a steady transformation of Yukkii over the season but episode 19 takes a huge leap in Yukkii's progress to this hardened state. Yuno has returned to her usual self, but it was done through Yukkii's hardening so it is less confusing to try and understand her, since she has been a psycho love nut the entire season.

Episode 20, this was awesome, and there was no Yukkii or Yuno at all. One thing I will give this show credit for is their ability to give us a break whenever Yukkii and Yuno become too much, or change too much.

Uryuu makes a triumphant return as the terrorist. One thing I just noticed is how her diary only lets her escape, thus her all-out crazy explosive attacks are pure skill. After seeing the gym teacher scene and nurse scene of her, I was really unhappy that she was reduced to nothing more than an assistant character rather than taking matters into her own deadly hands. Uryuu gets a lot of screen time with her infiltration of Eleventh's territory and we see an actual soft side to her when Nishijima proposes to her.

A new outfit is nice, and look how calm she is during the massacre.
Aside from setting up what will be an even more action packed episode for next week, we learn the truth behind Eleventh's diary and his surprising connection to Deus.Upon hearing that Deus was working with Eleventh before the game to make these diaries just blew my mind, we haven't seen such a unique twist like this at all during the show, but it definitely puts a spin on things.

 I really don't know what to think about Yukkii, I loved the show for its contrast and the events between Yukkii and Yuno, but now they are partners in crime and don't contrast all too much anymore now that Yukkii can kill so easily.