Gundam Age 20 - The Mercy of Plot Armor

Oh god Arisa, WHAT ARE YOU SAYING!?!?!? This was an interesting episode, we finally get to see the plot armor finally crack a bit. Though, I am kind of confused on the length of this series now. Clearly this will not be ending in 2 cour and I am not sure if I can commit to this for the full 50 episodes they like to do for Gundam series.

Well I was wondering about that AGE System last week, they quickly address the problem too. At least the Vegans agree that the AGE system is the real target. Funny how no one can figure out how this miracle system that can probably upgrade itself too. There are probably elfs using magic hidden inside, clearly the only reasonable explanation for the Deus ex Machina AGE system.

This was pretty funny, brags the whole time only to realize he has been upstaged already. This brings the question of what Desil and Flint's role in this arc is. Will they still be battling it out? I think 1 or both will die to power up Asemu for this arc. The fate of previous main characters in a new arc sure sucks. I am guessing it will give Asemu his chance to unlock his X-Rounder skills to be able to fight with Zeheart on an even scale.

I couldn't stop laughing when I saw this. Just seconds before this, you see White Wolf do the exact same thing to protect himself. Then enemy tries and gets shot anyways, talk about unfair. What is more, we are actually seeing the other random pilots being ALMOST useful. They actually shot some of those small fry down.

Then we reach the core of the episode, the battle between Asemu and Zeheart. The new machine is definitely good, I am liking the Vegan suit design so much more. It was nice to see both of them dual wielding, that is always better then just a single beam! I just found it funny how the battle ended. By sparing Asemu, Zeheart proved he was just as soft on the battlefield as Asemu. I think neither one will kill each other and carry over to the next arc. The least Zeheart could have done was destroy the AGE system they were talking about at the start of the episode. He just destroys that key piece and the Gundam is useless. Damn that plot armor is strong.

I really liked this final scene. A head strong main character that always wins realizing his weakness and suffering. A character didn't even need to die for this! Realization of your own limits is always a huge hurdle to get over, especially if you have never lost and was always better then everyone else, much like Asemu. Like they say, the higher you are, the harder the fall, something I guess I can relate to heavily. Semi back ontopic, still counting down the episodes until Romary dies.