Nisemonogatari 06: Don't cut your hair ( ゚ Д゚)!!

When I say “Spoiler Alert“, I’m talking about things that are to happen in future episodes and not the current episode we’re talking about.

I’m beginning to think about how this entire series would go about the two arcs it has to show. Because we are already in the 6th episode when there are only 11 episodes in this series (with which I am saddened). We aren’t even done with the first arc so this has gotten me thinking quite a bit. Anyway, as long as they don’t rush it and squeeze the entire two arcs into these 11 episodes making it crap, then I’m fine.

Araragis relationship with Hachikuji is by far the most hilarious and the most unique one. It isn’t because there is no hint of romance instead their closeness and the ways they interact with each other make them a very entertaining couple. The way they harass and fool each other make up their relationship. Now if candy isn’t sweet then how can it be candy? And apparently in Araragis case, take away his “harassing Hachikuji” part of him then the uniqueness of their relationship is ruined.

Hachikuji exits the scene and Araragi begins talking about something sad, a sort of foreshadowing to something that may happen to Hachikuji. But he then shrugs it off as a joke. None the less, given the mood and coloring of the shot and tone of Araragi this scene seems to have a purpose. So I did some research without much success because the only next major story with Hachikuji is “Kabukimonogarari” which contains “Mayoi Jiang Shi”, which by the way seems to be fascinating story from the synopsis that I read.

In this episode we also go deeper to knowing how much Senjougahara fears Hanekawa. Senjougahara goes as far as adding “-sama” when calling Hanekawa and giving her much respect. Quite a shock considering she is an “S” character. This to you guys may be a good thing or a bad thing but essentially this just gives us a more dynamic and entertaining story. There is actually a pretext to why she is acting this way, one being that she does sees Hanekawa as a threat to stealing Araragi and two, she wants to change. And her change does not end here.

Spoiler Alerts from Wiki:
“After the events in Tsukihi Phoenix, she overcame all of her trauma, and finally became a completely normal and cheerful girl. She starts referring to Araragi with a cute nickname, chuckling at small things and sending e-mails full of Emojis, although her sharp tongue is still there, but toned down.” Now we of course won’t really be seeing this unless they decide to make a series for all of the Nisio Ishins ‘Monogatari ’ novels.

Unfortunately, the photos of Senjougahara shown in the Nisemonogatari trailers are true. Along with her will to change she wishes to cut her hair short to prove it!!! Let me say this again, “SHE WISHES TO CUT HER HAIR SHORT!!!” ( ゚ Д゚) This of course, poses a few if not a ton of problems, well, to me it does. Think about her character type then think back to a few other anime series’ out there that have the same character type. I’ve posted a few in a picture at the end of the post. You may notice that all of them have one major thing in common, long hair. Long and beautiful hair combined with Senjougaharas character type is like a tradition, a cliché (though not a bad cliche), it is a must. It’s just that that character type fits so well with long hair, like peanut butter and jelly, that to change it would be like mixing coke and coffee. Personally, I have not seen such a character type with short hair, none the less I say, “Long hair + that ‘S’ character type” must always be one!

I really don’t agree with Senjougahara cutting her hair short and that is pretty much the first thing that has disappointed me in the series. Hopefully the transition won’t be hurt her character type and they do a proper job of portraying her though she has short hair. And given the picture I found of her having short hair, she don’t look too bad, she’s still hot. That picture is posted at the end of the post.

On a small note, I noticed that Shinobu looks way better when she has her hair down but that’s only when she’s serious, most of the time though, she’s not.  Also Araragi calls Shinobu a tsundere? Is he talking about the Tsundere in Senjougaharas definition? Because she does not seem like a tsundere at all.

Things look like they are in its climax now and we get Karen running away and the reason is still unknown. But what I really want see is how I would take in Senjougaharas change (>_<).