Ano Natsu de Matteru 06 - The Expanding Polygon

Sorry for the late post; I've been on the busier side of things. Last week, Tetsurou dropped the bomb on Kaito by telling him that Kanna is in love him, with Ichika overhearing their conversation to boot. So how exactly does this move along anyone's relationship? It really goes nowhere. Kai will go on pretending that he doesn't know until things really hit the fan because he doesn't really want ruin the status quo friendship that they currently have. Ichika, on the other hand, gets something extra to think about when time comes for her to make a decision on whether or not she'll stay on Earth.

So where do we go if the Kanna bomb doesn't blow up? They conveniently get a free vacation trip to Okinawa where our two studly male leads rake in some booty at the beach, expanding on the already rather complex love polygon. Kinoshita is Kai's self-proclaimed fiancee who went to elementary school together with him. Arisawa, Kinoshita's friend, has taken quite a liking the tall, dark, and handsome Tetsurou. Being the catalyst she is, Remon swoops in and makes them actresses for the movie, much to the chagrin of the other female regulars.

Kinoshita and Arisawa don't waste time playing around because they get to their men quicker than Jeremy Lin drives into the paint. Seeing that Arisawa in attack mode rouses Mio's inner linebacking skills to plant Arisawa flat on the pink space animal. Now revealed to go full-time commando, I really hope Mio doesn't let this opportunity get past her. A recurring theme so far in the show is that everyone chooses not to act. They probably think this way because they're teenagers, which means they have plenty of time to do it. Remon says it best when she says that everyone should be more true to their feelings. Life is something very spontaneous and anything can happen at any moment, so you might lose your chance if you don't act.

Kinoshita, probably being the more serious of the two lasses, gets straight to point and confesses to Kai. In response, he remains firm in his stance that he already has someone he likes. I felt pure emotion when I saw tears run down her cheeks because it really confirms that her love is genuine. Hats off to Kai for giving her a straight answer, unlike a certain red-haired-glasses-wearing alien. My question for that scene is whether or not Ichika purposely interrupts them when Kinoshita is about to make another move. Despite thinking that it'll be impossible between the two of them, she sure goes out of her way to stop anyone else from getting close to him. Love is a hell of drug.

Doesn't Remon seem kind of lonely in that scene? Despite their bold attacks, I think the spotlights on Kinoshita and Arisawa will be short-lived. I expect them to finish up this "beach arc" and write off the two Okinawa babes in the next episode. The real question is how Ichika and Kai will deal with their newest development, and how Tetsurou and Mio will handle their own ordeal. It sucks to be Kanna because she always seems to be left in the dark. Though Japan really seems to like Kanna the most because she has spawned more fanart. Unfortunately, her prospects of getting the guy are slim to none. Looking forward to the next episode.