Chihaya Furu 16

This one just looks pretty and I'm that fickle.
My first post which will appear "picture heavy" because of the lack of original content in this episode. 16 was a recap of the content so far. Needless to say, this increases my skepticism on the quality of the season's ending. Given where the story is, I do not feel they have the time to spare on a recap episode a mere 15 episodes into the series. I like to think most of us remember the plot and characters so far. If we were 50 episodes deep and there was a recap, I could understand; but here we have only lived a year (vicariously of course) so this waste makes me apprehensive. I don't see Chihaya Furu on the spring list and no hearsay of a second season. This gives me an ominous feeling in the pit of my stomach as I expect a disappointing season end. After all, we covered a year in 12 episodes (The first three were in a previous timeline.) at a good pace. Is it possible to properly conclude the storyline in just nine more? We'll see....

Well, enough emo-ranting and onto the pictures.

Arata: closet perv. Why does it look as though he is being molested for the better by that magazine?
As I mentioned, this was a recap episode. It began with three comical shorts themed around New Years. It  split the episode into three sections and recapped one arc in each. Between sections there would be a comedy short. That's all there was to it. In all honesty, I just skipped through the episode.

Haha - everyone takes digs at him.