Another 08 - Nice Boat

We get our beach episode with our main cast this week, apparently this never happened in the novel and added  in purely for fanservice. It fits in nicely at least, a nice break from all the deaths, or so I thought. Nothing like a fun episode, at least we got some valuable information to keep the story moving forward quickly.

Salt on watermelon? GTFO. He deserved it. Did anyone actually think he would survive the episode? We have never seen him before, I had to pull up the class list to make sure he was even in the class. He barely has any lines and even less screen time. All the other characters even had pranks played on them but him. It just reminds me of this scene from Family Guy.

That suspense when the truck passed them! I was laughing when they got passed by a truck on the highway, "just speed past them like normal drivers!" Regardless, I still think Akazawa Izumi is the best character in the show. She warmed up quite a bit this episode with the main character and we all know Mei will be the girl to get the Sakakibara, if anyone. It makes me think she might have a grim future ahead of her, probably all these main cast do. Btw, you aren't macho Izumi D:

How the hell did Misaki even catch a squid? Poor squid though, they ended up eating him. Maybe if they let him live, he could adverted the death this episode. I have a random story, when I went to Hong Kong during the summer, we thought that we had to do BBQ at the beach at least once. Not long after, I just sat back and went "I give up". Unbearable heat of a Hong Kong summer beside a raging pit of fire was not fun. Just a random almost relevant story.

Well, they shed some more direction for our characters now. So the secret to fixing the problem was hidden in the classroom that causes all the deaths, go figure. They have to go back to the haunted room to end everything. From what it looks like in the preview, the mystery item is a cassette tape. I guess 15 years ago, that was the best medium for something like this.

That nice boat. That is why there are rules stopping boats from going so fast near a beach, most have dedicated areas where boats can not enter. I can tell you one thing though, this was no accident like the other deaths. That guy that hit him is pretty much screwed for manslaughter. I guess that was the extent of the curse since they left the town. Not to mention they had to keep the status quo of deaths, poor filler character.

So we are closing in on the finale stretch of Another. The preview seemed to have a lot of blood in it, things are probably going to not lighten up like this again. We might even get multiple deaths in 1 episode to make up for that one episode without a death. My prediction is Misaki Mei and Sakibara will be the only ones to survive to find out one of them is really the "extra". There can be no happy end for this show....