Mirai Nikki Ep 16-17 Emotions Run High

Love those eyes, epic return of classic psycho Yuno moment.
The end of the Seventh arc has arrived, however it was a nice bag of treats with the info on Marco and Ai, mistrust between father and son, and subtle relationship change between Yuno and Yukkii.

Episode 16 was interesting with Yukkii's father issues, although it turns out his father is quite the lying bastard who has recurring problems with money. My guess is that Yukkii's father gambles too much and only cares for himself. Yukkii's father appears to be working for one of the diary holders with promise of wiping his 3 million debt if he destroys his son's cellphone. Uryuu has become rather bland lately as she was only involved in the humor portions found in the episode. Another thing to note about our cunning terrorist; how is it that she is walking around freely just because she's a diary holder? I'm pretty sure her terrorist activities shouldn't be overlooked just to forge this alliance with Nishijima and Yukkii.

You'r better than this Uryuu.
Episode 17 was the better of the two with a very nice wrap up of Seventh and a change in relationship between Yukkii and Yuno. First off, I want to point out the nice background history between Marco and Ai,. The intro was an ethos dump to get us to feel for the lovers, and it worked, they are the contrasting form of love that Yuno and Yukkii fake in order to survive.

Our protagonists don't really follow their usual methods of eliminating other diary holders, but instead, Marco and Ai help Yuno and Yukkii realize that they cannot fake their friendship anymore and must actually learn to care for another by dealing with their emotions instead of faking their trust for each other.

With the end of an emotional appeal to Marco and Ai, a major cliff hanger involving Yukkii's pathetic father is left to wet our appetite for the next episode.