Brave 10 - Ep 3-4 - Enter Yuri and some Pointless Events

We never get to see the fight between Sarutobi and the snake women after all, a big disappointment indeed.

The fights are balanced at least.
Well then, the next two episodes don't really reveal anything in particular for the story other than useless information that we can piece together ourselves. Episode 4 was even more of a waste of time considering  they spent it trying to shock us that the enemy was after Izumi and her hair piece, only problem is that this was made obvious in the first two episodes.

Yuri makes his appearance as some sort of sadist who loves being beaten to a pulp by Saizo. Yuri even goes so far as to act childish and join Saizo's side in hopes of a fun fight.

The battles are nothing fancy and it seems like they're just playing it safe with no risks of over the top action segments. I don't find the battles all too enjoyable but there really isn't anything wrong with them either so it's hard for me to say whether this show is battle reliant or character reliant, but as of right now the latter seems to be the main reason for watching this show.

I'm still waiting for it sadly. 
I haven't found any real reason to make updated posts about Brave 10; there really isn't a hell of lot going for it at the moment.