Another 06 - DANCE TIME!

What an episode, complete with dancing, mystery, and a dash of almost horror. It was a moment of relief of no deaths for an episode. It is pretty clear that it won't happen again next episode with the preview and well... the new manga chapter perfectly showing the next scene to come. I can't get enough of Another, why can't Tuesdays come faster!

This was very interesting, so Misaki agreed to be the non-existent one. That could explain why she is so obedient and followed the rules. It makes sense why she tried to push him away at the start since she was the willing sacrifice. I for one wouldn't mind it, it just means you are the savior of the class when the year ends, plus you can skip class whenever you want; Win-win situation if you ask me.

I think my speculation of our main character being the dead one to be more solid now. They have all these specific criteria but there has been a contradiction this episode. The main character does not remember he used to live in the town when his father mentions it, it could only mean his memories has been altered. That, or everyone else's memory has been altered to not remember his death a year ago. I am so sure he is the dead one.

DANCE TIME! I had that huge rant last week of how they should be doing whatever they want in the classroom, I was ecstatic to see this scene. Too bad it turned out to be a dream sequence, still, seeing her dance like that... MY HEART!! That guy dying from that heart attack would be me if I was in that classroom.

So this means that pushed the supernatural to even further extents. At first it was just a classroom that brought back the dead to kill off the class which seemed plausibly explained as the premise. The new information seemed a bit forced though. A forced reason why they can not figure out the truth of who was the dead. It just felt like throwing a reason why the obvious solution could not be used. Hopefully that will be the end of their faulty reasoning, I am really looking forward to where this is all going. Plots are the bane of any good story driven anime.