Gundam Age 18 - Athrun Revealed!

I always love when they have pictures like these in anime

I didn't see this episode coming, I swore they would hold out the Zeheart's deception for longer. This anime is so edgy, I have no clue what they are going to come up with next! Every time I think I got it figured out, they throw a curve ball! I am thinking this arc will be better then the first arc which was much more standard stuff.

This is still a huge thing for this arc. Asemu knows exactly what he wants and is willing to fight for it. Nothing like the wishy washy main heroes that are forced to fight and still searching for their life goal. He is even so clear of mind to know he isn't mindlessly following his father. The cast of characters this arc is just so much better then the last one.

He is clearly class rep material, he even saved the class bully. The question is how Zeheart got picked to go on stage too. He was a transfer student that missed half the semester; not like he actually talked. Usually the principal gives the student warning that they would be picked to prepare a speech. At least this marks the end of his school life and is life in the military. Why does he even need to go through the normal enlisting process, he is clearly better then those other mobile suit pilots already.

Then you got the police stomping in to ruin the graduation ceremony. I just found it funny how they instantly shifted their attention to this guy when he fired his gun. You really think a spy is going to blow his cover to shoot at you if he wasn't trying to save his own? It was just funny how they pay no attention to why he was even at this event. Clearly he was at a high school graduation because it was the best place to spy out what the federation are hiding in the colony!

I seriously did not expect them to unveil the truth of Zeheart so soon. I would have expected them to drag on the betrayal so it blows up much bigger. Having him reveal himself so early has it's quirks too. How will he handle battling his friend, we return to the Athrun/Kira dilemma. I wonder if they will both go on a rampage when someone close to both of them dies (Romary). I pray it isn't her though D:

She is clearly heavily connected to the both of them. Both of them seem to like her and her intentions aren't clear either. One thing is for certain, she seems to be enlisting with Asemu in hopes to meet Zeheart again; Clearly it won't be their last meeting. I imagine she will try and pilot a suit too and get shot by a Vegan spurring Asemu and Zeheart into a rage. I still think her fate is sealed, following closely with last arcs best girl. The major common ground between Zeheart and Asemu shared together is the perfect person to kill off.

So white wolf is back, I guess this will be the end of the imouto. Her fate was short, we will now focus Asemu's new group of friends; Ones that will actually go out into battle with him even though they will probably be useless like that guy from last season. I am still so surprised he didn't die, he had death written all over him. I am looking forward to this anime with such a strong start to the arc. It is always good when they can "wow" me and keep me from guessing what is to come.