Symphogear 06 - Dere-Dere Tsubasa

Super delayed post, I have been playing the Tera NA beta, maybe I'll make an updated post about that later. So Hibiki gets perpetually stronger while Tsubasa goes all dere-dere for Hibiki after her near death experience. Oh  ya, and Miku gets the feeling of her love stolen by Tsubasa. All this development in my Symphogear, still, not enough Tsubasa. She should get out of the hospital already and start owning stuff up again. Not a bad episode at least, though the terrible quality is still bugging me.

So we learn the other Symphogear user was orphaned and probably bought out as a slave. Based on her past, I am sure she will convert over to the "good" side leaving the other girl as the enemy to beat. I mean, Hibiki seems to be pretty dead set on trying to talk it out with her and we got flashes of a past that looks pretty bad. Setting herself up perfectly to be saved.

There is nothing wrong with this room, my room looks very similar. It just means everything is easier to find! The better question is how her room became like this, not like she changed clothes, she is still wearing the hospital stuff. She must have intentionally messed up her room so Hibiki could clean it up for her.

This is the second time they are bringing up the whole government conspiracies, I wonder if this is thinly veiled attempt at political brainwashing, or maybe it has some effect on the plot. I am hoping it is the latter based on the mystery enemy that we know nothing about. Chances are it is really the first one and the climax will be the betrayal of that scientist girl.

Then we have Tsubasa on perm blush mode this episode. That flip from tsun-tsun to dere-dere was huge. There wasn't even much gap time, just a near death experience. From what I read, the huge flip is based on the fact that this anime was suppose to be 2 cour but they had to cut things down to 1 cour and this was one of the parts that was cut. I guess those cuts on budget were just huge since the quality is almost as bad as Persona 4. I mean, this anime is mainly to sell the CDs, why waste money on the anime?

These 10 seconds was the highlight of the whole episode. We watched Miku's heart get crushed in such a short moment. This whole show is about watching all the characters suffer as Hibiki runs around clueless as a main heroine. I wonder who Hibiki will pick! The childhood friend or the idol! Miku has even learned Hibiki's secret too so the grounds area bit more even.

Then came the final battle we saw coming since the start of the episode. How far Hibiki has come since the start of the anime. It was just the perfect finish for the battle. "I can't summon a weapon? Well then I'll just punch my way to victory!" I wonder if she will ever get her weapon, I think we won't see it until she is going to die. Knowing her death is coming was really well done, we anxiously await to see how this will come with her being so powerful. I think the darkness will consume her when Tsubasa dies, she is just too strong!


It was a nice touch for Tsubasa to warn Hibiki not to fall into her path that lead her to be in the hospital. The near death experience really did wonders in upgrading Tsubasa even if it was a bit rushed. We knew what was really driving Hibiki, it was still nice to see her admit she was really seeking redemption for Kanade's sacrifice for her; Fill the role of the one that lost their life for her. What is sad, is that the story so far is decent, the lack of budget is really hindering it. You can see it in the art, and even the animation direction. They are finding every possible corner to cut budget. Until next week I guess!