Gundam Age 17 - Seeds to Sow

Not enough Imouto screen time

So this week we focus in on that new white wolf replacement. I still think Gundam without the emo drama everywhere is lackluster. You are forced to watch it for it's shitty battle scenes and terrible character development. They should stick with what they do best, making people die for terrible reasons and throw everyone into frenzies constantly. I guess looking back, Gundam Age didn't really kick start until 3 episodes in, I guess this will hold true with this new arc since all they did was introduce all the drama that will happen in the future.

So the new guy is quickly joining into the team. He is clearly an expert in mobile suits along with our main character, they make the perfect pair to replace Flint and White Wolf. Too bad the impeding battle between them to rip their friendship apart is already brewing. They already had their first clash too, I wonder how many more before Asemu finds out the truth.

Then you got this scene, so now we realize that Romary likes both of them. Both of the main characters have saved her life, but they weren't clear who she was blushing for. I just wonder how this point will blow up in the future. My guess is she likes the White Wolf clone, which will spur Asemu to go crazy to need to rescue her when we learn he is really a Vegan. Regardless whoever she likes, she will be the center of this arc it seems; Good thing I hope.

Did they really need to infiltrate the house to find out it was in the barn? I mean they even know that Flint was the first Gundam pilot. It doesn't take a genius to realize they might hide it in their house. I'd be more likely to assume it is hidden underground in some super secret passage way. The barn would be way too obvious. Damn they drew out this point so badly, I guess they wanted the imouto to fall for White Wolf clone too.

This competition seemed pretty crazy. So a good performing machine would barely get damaged and perform better round to round. The machines also move much faster and more nimble then the actual mobile suits the federation is using. The federation are just portrayed as so useless. It is an interesting competition to pit your robot against other schools though. almost like a mock mobile suit battle.

Why did he stop using his double blade fighting style, that was why he started off losing. Another lack luster fight this week, at least they have been pretty consistent with a fight every week. I am liking that new black Vagan suit though, why are all the Vegan mobile suits looking so much better then the "Good' guy's ones? Hopefully with all the seeds they put for the future, it will blossom well into a super emo Gundam series like every other.