Ano Natsu de Matteru 05 - The Third Wheel

She knows everything! I wouldn't say that this week's installment was a step up from the previous episode, but I definitely prefer the exploration of characters' interiors over misunderstandings. I don't know how Remon always knows what buttons to push, but I don't think we'll ever find out. The improv script is pretty useful tool; Ichika's lines definitely reflects reality.

Of course, the tease is that the other characters won't catch on that she is, in fact, an alien. The whole setting of the movie opens up room for Ichika to ask Kai a not-so-hypothetical question: "What would you do if you found out I was an alien?" To answer her distress from two episodes back, she finds solace  that he'd be fine with it.

Without a doubt, the star of the episode was Kanna. I labeled her as the third wheel because she spent most the episode just observing Ichika and Kai happily conversing with each other. There were a lot of close up shots of her looking over at the two. On the rainy day with filming stopped, she actively goes out of her way to Kai's house, only to see more of the same from their filming session. In her frustration, she pulls out the touchy question about asking how long Ichika's going to stay.

The appeal of the show isn't something brilliantly original and avant-garde, but rather showcasing the intricacy and difficulties of adolescent romance. The depiction of the characters and how they act are incredibly human. It's easy for one to critique how certain characters shouldn't have wasted opportunities, but if one were placed in the same situation, I'm sure it's more of a dilemma. In addition, we get invested in the characters because they are good people. Despite her impulsive inquisition, Kanna is wracked with guilt over asking such a question and resolves to no longer interfere. Tetsurou, rather than pursuing his own love, is actively supporting Kanna with her's. This anime really is full of suffering.

Should I be expecting this kind of ending every other episode? Way to get the ball rolling, Tetsurou. I think he really sees that it's now or never for Kanna. If she continues sit on the sidelines, she'll just be watching Ichika and Kai deepen their connection. I think it's pretty selfless of him to do that because the consequence of Kanna finding out may or may not be severe. Needless to say, I hope they really don't just ignore something this big like in earlier episodes. I wonder when Mio will make her move? Obligatory beach episode next week.