Another 05 - Classroom Curse Revealed

With this episode, they have just about caught up to the manga so I'll be back in the dark of what comes next. At least I can finally start posting about my speculations I been holding onto. Another action packed episode, they are just blazing through the content at an alarming pace. I guess this is the only way they are going to fit 2 novels into a 1 cour anime.

No comment about how hot is mom was? I am disappointed. I guess first thing to mention is that the deaths are actually foretold in the first 90 seconds of the first episode. You see flashes of the umbrella and the elevator. So I am assuming we a can link all the deaths to these scenes, we just can't tell how it works yet since they are just random items. Maybe not that bloody knife XD So someone is going to get stabbed!

This death was totally unexpected for me. For one thing, I didn't even remember it. I had to go back to realize he died in the manga too, the context was just too different. That would make anyone fear talking about the truth. Dying right before you are about to explain everything, the main character will forever be left in the dark after this event. He was a useless side character anyways, nothing was lost.

Who is that random girl right behind our new class prez? I had to look back at the first episode and noticed I had same response to see her too, that and I noticed the seating arrangement was consistent with the first episode. On a side random note, wouldn't the first impression of everyone ignoring you be a bit more devious? You could do anything, think of all the sexual abuse you could do to your classmates. He is too preoccupied thinking about the curse, he should be thinking about other things too. I would wait mid test, sit down next to that class prez, copy down all her answers and hand it in with her. Then, pick up her test, rip it up and laugh, that will teach her!

At least we get final confirmation that Misaki does in fact exist. We get our first exposure to why they do  what they have to do. So I am guessing the new direction will be trying to figure out who the ghost is to prevent more deaths. My guess is that either everyone is dead, or the main character is really the dead one; I am leaning on the latter. I mean, he keeps claiming he was born same time as his mother's death. What if he wasn't born and was another victim of the curse. They do mention that the ghost is always a victim of the curse. My other speculation is way out there as they usually like to do something crazy like that. I have nothing really backing it up yet though. I guess I'll see how spot on I am on this prediction, I am excited to see what is to come!