Black Rock Shooter ~ First Impression

Black Rock Shooter is many things, originally created as a character concept art for Supercell's Black Rock Shooter song, the character has made its way into an OVA, manga, video game, and now a t.v. show.

OVA poster
In a nutshell, BRS the anime (Black Rock Shooter) is about a girl who travels to different worlds to slay what I believe to be the evil sides of people, in order to bring them back to their senses in the real world. I look forward to enjoying this show after loving the OVA that was released back in 2010.

The show is set about the same time that the OVA started in, except this is a new story with the same main characters and junior high setting. 

The one thing I really like is the art style, and crazy worlds where our little blue bird travels to. What I mean by this is the many references of a certain story book in the first episode that acts as metaphor to our blue-eyed, giant morphing gun girl, aka, Black Rock Shooter. If you haven't seen the show, I suggest you watch the first episode and then decide for yourself whether this is something you will enjoy. And if you haven't seen the OVA, I strongly suggest it, because it was really well done imo.  

Does she feel no pain?
Well enough background info on what BRS is, what I will tell you is that I could not believe the amount of beatings BRS can take, not only does she get impaled and completely dominated in the fight scenes, but she still manages to get up as if it were nothing. I hope we don't see a trend of over the top beatings, I'm hoping for more of that awesome fighting the OVA had.

There was a lot of tension in the air in what was quite a thriller of a moment at Yomi's house when Kagari suddenly crashes Yomi and Kuroi's fun. I was reminded of the first moment I had watching Mirai Nikki and the suspenseful being-at-the-edge-of-your seat moments. The issues surround Yomi were pretty awesome, Kagari is a pretty evil character with how she treated Kuroi and serves as a root of evil for Yomi. 

Overall I was satisfied with the story on Kuroi and Yomi, with Kagari acting as the first "evil" entity. I do hope they make some sense on this "someone who takes the pain away", since this made absolute no sense to me as it was pretty vague. On a final note, I will try to at least stay on top of this show as it has already won a place in my heart for watching priorities after seeing the OVA. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

This segment of the show still confuses me