Guilty Crown 15 - So Hare is Finally Dead

That was a very drawn out, her death flags were flying everywhere from episode 9. I was surprised she even survived so long. This episode was very obvious of how it would end, after all, you have to balance out that obviously broken void. Almost as broken as Inori's one. I guess this will mark the major turning point for the anime, things might actually be looking better without beta Shu.

I couldn't stop laughing as I saw him opening cans with his void. "What a useless character" I thought, it just proved to be so much more true by the end of the episode when he screwed everyone over. This is why you need to implement that rank system. Then you got Hare with a void that can fix bridges, lamps, cars and pretty much anything yet Ayasa is still in a wheelchair. Ayasa even mentioned she could walk at one point too.

Then we have indecisive as fuck Shu. He clearly isn't leader material. Right or wrong doesn't matter, the most crucial part of leading is being able to make decisions. He should just let that other guy pull his puppet strings and be the real leader. Maybe if Rider (Fate/Zero) was there to guide Shu along, things would be much better. Rider still best makes the best role model for leading.

Then this confession marked her for death this episode. The only time you see confessions to dense main characters is either the finale, or the character is about to die. It just makes for perfect heart string pulling that way. Not to mention she can actually rival Inori in usefulness. I mean, Shu even accepted her, that will never be acceptable as long as Inori is around!

So it was just fun and games before, but now he is actually admitting that he likes Tsugumi? I didn't see that coming. So the question now is when he will switch sides, it will probably be some crucial moment that suddenly turns the tide of a losing fight. Though, only plot holes could make Shu with his invincible sword lose a fight.

At least the random helicopter that spotted her made sense. Technically, you always save the priests first. She could heal herself and be in plenty good shape to save Shu afterwards. At least the helicopter means that if she saved herself, She might have got shot anyways. It is still sad she had it coming miles and miles away. She wasn't a terrible character even if she was terribly generic. Better then Inori at least, though that doesn't say much.

This scene was just hilarious; Inori rape time! At least this finally inspired Shu to be more focused on his task, he might even install the void ranking system now! It was interesting to see a main character agree on someone blaming themselves for a death. I guess I am too use to seeing characters sit around emoing alone blaming themselves for every death in the show. Funny enough, Hare's death is just as much Shu's fault too. He was the one that could not make decisions that caused confusion among everyone. If everyone was unified, we would have no issue.

At least this gives meaning to the name Guilty Crown. I assume it is linking it to the guilt he will suffer from all the people he will step on to become king. Probably get that whole revelation moment near the end where he realizes everything he did was wrong when he realizes this was exactly what Hare would not want from him. Then he can go back to be beta for the final 1-2 episodes. Everyone loves a good anti-hero as Bakuman calls it. At least this will probably mark more enjoyable episodes for a while. Not to say Guilty Crown isn't enjoyable now, just enjoyable in more of a way the writers actually intended.