Symphogear 05 - A Dull Moment

Watching Symphogear after Black Rock Shooter and Guilty Crown yesterday, you can really feel the huge difference in quality. This show is starting to feel a bit more stale maybe because I am comparing it to what happened this week with Guilty Crown. I guess the allure isn't their when they use the same music, the battles were limited, and  the art is terrible to look at.

So we quickly meet the face controlling the new symphogear. Too bad the broken english they were speaking was brutal. I have heard bad english accents before, but this was just what the fuck? This whole point of this new character so far was fanservice though. Little is explained other then she likes walking around naked in her house.

We even get to see how tsundere Tsubasa is in her inner dream like moment. She clearly is soft and gentle but acts completely opposite when around Hibiki. Clearly before the end of this series that cold hard exterior will be broken. It will be nice to see her be able to transcend her dependence on Kanade. Judging by the style of the anime, I am sure Hibiki will be the one to free her of that bond before she dies and puts Tsubasa back into despair.

On a random note, I found this like especially funny. I guess with the world all focusing in on how bad the EU economy is, they decided to pretend like Japan is doing better. Japan doesn't hold any EU debt and doing worst because of the bubble burst they had 20 years ago. They have not come close to recovering enough from that to buy any other countries debt. The tsunami didn't do them any favours either. Japan still holdingone of the highest Debt to GDP ratio that puts Greece to shame. Not many countries need to try and fight off deflation. Just some random economics I found funny when they mentioned this.

So there are many more secrets behind the scientist girl? She looks much better with her hair down. They are clearly implying that she is the one that ordered the hit on government patrol. I wonder what crazy secret she is hiding, they really like trying to keep everything mysterious in this show. Too bad it is badly done and it feels tape and glued together; Though that is probably because of the terrible art.

Yet again we meet beserker Hibiki. Since she can't summon the spear, they gave her a sword instead. So I wonder if by the end of the season, she will be completely black. I still hate how cut out so much on the art, they literally just paint it black without considering to redraw the features. It wasn't much of a battle scene with such a slaughter. I am not sure what to expect from this show anymore, the art just turns me off lately. That and the wtf plot that is only borderline above Guilty Crown.