Aquarion EVOL Ep 8 This is Getting Silly

This isn't logical!
This show started out strong imo, with a serious situation the world was in. The Aquarion, doomed destiny of Mikono, mysterious power of Amata, unknown abductors, and past calamities involving Union with the opposite sex, were all pretty big deals that seemed to have been swept under the carpet to make way for random humor, pointless events to develop characters, and over-the-top silliness.

This guy serves no purpose
Now while I do enjoy Aquarion ALOT, I wish they would start working on giving us some really bad-ass Mecha battles that actually mean something, or some suspenseful events that make me want to care about what is happening with the plot. What IS happening with the plot anyway? We finally find out a pretty lame reason for the abductors abducting people, they just need women to populate their planet because women no longer exist for some reason.

I started thinking he was the last born of some king or bad-ass person that has some sort of power, but it turns out he is just the last born person in their entire world, so really there is nothing special about him.

This show now thrives off its silliness. The random gay comments are funny but I need some hardcore stuff, err that sounds weird now that I think about it. We need more serious events, and by the looks of it Mr. Red hair wolf boy (I should know his name but frankly I couldn't care less) is the only one trying to stir things up between the abductors and Neo-Deava. I really enjoy the awkwardly funny and silly situations Zessica, Amata, and Mikono put themselves in but i'm starting to forget who Cayenne and the other side characters are, since Zessicqa is a side character presented as a main character, and vice-versa with Mikono.

I call him Mr.Awesome
Now this whole episode was about fanservice, and the message they said was, less clothes equals awesomeness! I never thought things would become so over-the-top that they would tell us that having less clothes on means your able to sense everything around you, especially when everything involves our love triangle of Amata, Mikono, and Zessica able to sense missiles around their Aquarias with the less amount of clothes they are wearing.