Ano Natsu de Matteru 08 - How to Pass the Test of Courage

I wonder what other things are written in Remon's "Secret Notebook." After basking in the rays on an Okinawan beach, the crew finds themselves back home to work on the editing process of the film. But what kind of summer would it be without a summer festival? Remon continues to troll the cast as well as the audience, revealing that she is much older than she lets believe. Since Tetsurou's sister has another petty argument with her husband, Remon continues to be the catalyst of the show by enlisting her help for the test of courage.

No, not really. At least Pearz doesn't think it looks good. I've never been too fond the trope of girls cutting their hair because they've "changed." If she's trying to grab more of Tetsurou attention by looking a little more like Kanna, I'd tell her that Manly Glasses has already taken more notice of her. Kanna also notices a change in Kai's character. Perhaps realizing that her time is running out, she chooses to make her move this episode. But was she successful? I bet you can already guess.

This section is going to random personal aside, so skip it if you're not interested. You've probably wondered if all the cliches like fish-scooping for Japanese festivals or haunted houses for Cultural festivals are actually true. I can't say anything for Cultural festivals, but I had personal experience with the Bon Festival, which is held in August. Because I literally grew up one block away from the Japanese Buddhist Church in Oakland, I was lucky enough to go to a couple when I was younger. They did, in fact, have bazaars with stalls of food, fish-scooping games, traditional Japanese dancing in kimonos. I actually found a a couple youtube clips, of said festival from 2010. I can even see where I used to live in that clip! Anyway, that's just my random personal experience tangent.

Remon's plan to advance relationships worked with resounding success, for Mio and Tetsurou at least. These two have gotten more and more screen time of them alone together. I think I can safely say they'll get paired together by the end of the show. Unfortunately for Kanna, she gets shafted once again. When Kai ran to Ichika's scream, you can see the heartbreak on her face. She really has no chance.

Cue the emergency beacon that has been foreshadowed since Arisawa's ass plastered Rinon onto the floorboards a couple episodes back. For something that's supposed to rescue her, it's incredibly aggressive. Props to Kai for manning up once again, confessing again, and dying to save the one he loves. Now that's how you pass the test of courage! Except for you know, the dying part.

But never fear, because the super-anti-entropic-heal-everything-luminescent-medicine back from the first episode is here! I wonder if she had to kiss him this time as well. Ichika is extremely apologetic, and rightfully so, because she's the reason he keeps dying. I'm sure the question that has been hanging on a lot people's minds is that whether or not Kai will need Ichika's alien technology to remain healthy and alive. This sets up a rather big revelation because the attempted kidnap by the emergency beacon really let the cat out of the bag. Even Remon seemed a little surprised. What kind of questions will they ask her? Given what I've seen with the characters, they probably just want some explanations, and wouldn't care less about the fact she's an alien. The issue is whether or not she decides to leave. Only 4 more episodes left!

Also, be sure to check out the full ED single called Vidro Moyou by Nagi Yanagi; it's a pretty good song.