Moretsu Pirates 02 - ........

She spoke my mind

I really wanted to give this anime a chance after seeing the preview but this episode just put me to sleep. I was hopping they would at least start their pirating adventure in the slightest this week, I was lead to a big disappointment. This will be the first show I drop, it was just too painful to watch. Not because of bad writing or such, but mainly the slow pace and the preview leads me to believe next week will be just as bad.

If I wanted to see cute girls doing cute things with ships, I would stick with watching Last Exile. Watching her fire lazer beams was probably the only fun scene we had all episode, and they tricked you into thinking it was a prelude to more then just this in the preview last week. The history her mother gave wasn't anything special either, pretty much as generic an answer as possible.

It didn't help the majority of the episode was spent watching a bunch of girls prep a ship for launch. It wasn't even interesting, they spent a good 3 mins just rebooting the ship; It was just a painful experience. Anyone else notice how the zero gravity made them float around but their hair is fine? That is either a hell of alot of hair product they are using or their wasn't enough budget to animate hair, I am leaning on the latter. There is also that likely case that they just don't know how gravity works...

Green Sayaka?

So I guess it was just a very dull experience with such a slow moving story. When an anime is based on space pirating and we haven't even seen the ship that the main character will be captain of, something is wrong. I was just so hyped up after seeing the preview that I thought this would turn out amazing. This makes my second huge disappointment this season already, this is looking like a  terrible season for me.