Symphogear 03 - Falcon Punch

Symphogear might not be amazing but I do like to see really like the armor that Tsubasa uses. Tack on insert music and it is the perfect recipe to captivate my attention. The only real issue I do constantly notice is the terrible drawing. They take the time to animate it with a good number of frames but the drawing themselves are usually off and it bothers me. I can still get over it though since it caters to some of my favourite styles.

Easily predicted that they would not actually clash into battle. I gotta say, that skill Tsubasa used was awesome but that leader guy... WTF? He blocked it like nothing, I think he should be the one fighting the noise if he is so powerful. I hope they explain his absolutely game breaking power later in the series, he should clearly be fighting too.

How convenient it starts raining just as she needs to cry, god she is so emo. It isn't like I don't understand why, she is just overly emo at the drop of a dime. A very overly exaggerated character just to create the conflict. No doubt once she finally accepts Hibiki is when Hibiki will die. Being Tsubasa will be nothing but suffering.

At least the random friends are still getting screen time. It is so obvious her roommate is lusting after her badly though. I wonder when she will proclaim her love for Hibiki? I still feel bad how she just ran off like that after making the promise. That would be terrible to leave her friend like that, especially since she is also in the dark of what is really going on. I expect a breakdown soon of the roommate.

So the noise can be manipulated? This makes the whole show a bit more political and more interesting. So I wonder if this show will involve into Valkyrie X Valkyrie battles as they are kind of hinting at the end of this episode. That would make things much more interesting then fighting some weird blobs all the time.

Finally we get see berserker Hibiki, I hope she gets to show up for a real battle. It felt a bit like she just got painted black, they could have put a bit more effort in her berserk mode. I think this is a slight prelude for Tsubasa that might go crazy too. Clearly it can't just be limited to her. Hibiki never seemed like the one that wanted an everyday normal life, she even states she wishes she could go on a crazy adventure in the first episode.

I am hoping this implies we will get valkyrie based battles soon. I do love the armor designs and I can't wait to see more of these. So this is 3 for 3 episodes with a cliff hanger ending with 2 of them being anti climatic right after. Hopefully they break that chain here, I really would like to see them battle it out.