Mirai Nikki Ep 13-14 - Total Psycho

I have high hopes for Akise's role.
Well it has been a while since I have posted anything and hopefully I am able to get back on track with all my shows I am covering.

Well for starters, I would consider the recent episodes as a new start for Yukkii, now that Kurusu is gone. With all the attention hogging that Yukkii, Yuno, Kurusu, and Uryuu had in the last little while, it felt nice and fresh to have 2 episodes dedicated to Yukkii's friends.

At least they know when production quality isn't necessary.
Hinata, Kousaka, Akise and Hinata's friend (the name escapes me) were the focus of the episodes and I must say it was a nice change of scenery as they run around trying to figure out where Yuno has taken Yukkii. Normally Yuno is one of our main characters, but this time we get to see Yuno as an enemy and threat to Yukkii through his friend's point of view.

Kurosaka was quite funny with his sudden diary powers to foresee his "awesome" moments such as his "awesome kick" and other lame moves.

Yuno has once again gone completely insane, this time towards everyone, including Yukkii. She even has this mental problem where she can forget things, such as murdering her parents. While I enjoyed these two episodes with the shift of character focus from Yukkii to Akise, the ending just doesn't fit, and I fear things may go downhill from here (Pearz also mentioned this to me). Normally, if Yuno was a regular enemy, she would have died in Kurusu's fashion, but because she is one of the main characters, she will end up tagging along for the rest of the season and either die or once again return to normal. After being denied by Yukkii, the only reason any of Yukkii's friends escape is due to the fact that they all received notification of the other diary holders coming to kill them. And so the hostage scenario is called for a cancellation as everyone vacates the premises.

I can't say I'm all too thrilled to find out that the remaining diary holders are "lending" their powers to a bunch of what seems to be mercenaries. Unlike the uncertainty that Kurusu carried whenever he was helping Yukkii and Yuno, I cant help but fear some sort of dumb character conflicts with the mentally broken Yuno as Akise is the only interesting and capable person left in the group imo.