Last Exile: Fam 12 - The Grand Race

Wow, this was always my light hearted anime to kick back to, what is all this heavy stuff? It was painfully obvious what was going to happen this episode but my heart was still not ready. They even made sure your guard was down by bombarding you with lolis left and right. This will definitely be one of the most important episodes of the season given reason behind the "bad guys" actions.

Nothing like opening the show off with more loli Giselle and Fam. So I had to Google to find out more about the Grand Race to learn this was the only time the grand race was held. I thought it was a long running tradition, damn my faulty memory. From the looks of it, they even mention the winners of the first grand race in the first season. Even without looking up the history to find out what will happen, it was pretty obvious what was going to happen.

Wow, I hate Liliana more now, she was one oppressive sister. Most sisters don't sit there scolding their younger sister about responsibility, especially in the face of others . She is way too tryhard to be a leader, she should act her age. I think we found out why she willingly cooperated with the enemy now. She clearly fallen in love with the enemy when she tripped. This makes me wonder why they were at war to begin with then...

Finally we reach the dramatic end. As she bestowed her will upon her bodyguards, I knew she was as good as dead. I was more surprised how many people came to try and kill her, you would think there would be more bodyguards and protection for such a grand event with so many big political figures. It makes no sense to have lax security. It was still a very powerful scene regardless.

I guess we will finally get to meet the Russian nation next episode? It has been quite some time since they were first introduced, it is surprisingly how long they have dragged out their meeting. Maybe it felt longer due to the break with the holidays. I anxiously await for them to have a closeup of the technology they use, that is probably peaking my interest the most.