First look at Another

Well this first episode sure satisfied my expectations. I am definitely looking forward to this series with tons of speculations. PA works is generally a studio I like, it was probably the only reason I followed through with Hanasaku Iroha despite hating it. The slight mystery horror element appeals to me, I will definitely be following this through to the end.

You are quickly introduced to the curse that is Misaka. They seem to want to get that background information out of the way quick so they can focus on the mystery unfolding. I am sure they will revisit the past, but mysteries work best following the main character that is left in the dark about many things. Maybe we will be revealed in the future of the truth of Misaka's death, I am sure it is no accident.

She seems to be some sort of ring leader of this class. She seemed pretty dominate in the hospital room and another student did mention that they can't talk about anything without her permission. When she kept asking if the main character had been in the village, I couldn't help but have flashbacks of Higurashi. The same kind big city boy moving to urban neighborhood that seemed to stress heavily if they were born there. Please let this anime escape the plot hole ridden fate of Higurashi D:

My theories on our mystery girl is she is a ghost. The reason for her reappearance was her unnatural death bound her to this location. The anime will most likely be revealing the mysteries surrounding her death. The main character is the only one that sees her was because he didn't live in this town, everyone else can't. Another theory was she was sacrificed by the town by an age old tradition and they were worried that outsiders could see the ghost of the sacrificed. Just my theories so far.

Who is random girl here!?!?!?

I am definitely looking forward to how this unravels. I have always liked the PA works art style, even though animation is cheaper without much movement, you have less crappy drawings for everything else. The characters have a bit more detail and the backgrounds much better; All part of why I like this studio. I think this is securely top anime so far of the first impressions, I have high hopes for you! (Much like I did for Hanasaku too...)