Gundam Age 16 - Balance Hammer Time

So after our climax last week, we get our long awaited WTF time skip. This time skip was purely to balance out how broken Flint had become. They nerfed him with no explanation as to why nothing happened in the 25 years period. Guess he was to busy crying over Yurin to do anything productive. I guess it isn't all bad, the new main character is much better then Flint is.

I didn't expect the time skip to jump so far forward, I thought it would only be a few years not a new generation. In 25 years, they couldn't even start mass producing the Gundam? They sure deserve to be wiped out moving so slowly. I mean, even that random engineer guy was able to build machines good enough to fight on par with the Vagans, why do they still have trash suits that have useless guns and do nothing? How are they losing this war when they wiped out their whole vanguard fleet and base with only a few ships?

This was just terrible, Emily won by default? I'd also like to point out the blonde hair is a recessive gene, how did both kids end up with it compared to that blue hair? Best part was totally ignoring Emily, the way it should be. Though Flint's obsession with beating the Vagans is inconsistent. He is clearly pushing his ideals on his son but why didn't he take matters in his own hands and used the Gundam to just win the war instead of losing it? I wonder where he is keeping Yurin's headband.

We see upgrades of that 3rd leg on the Vagan machines but no change to the Federation ones? It is no wonder why the Federation are losing. Their weapons are still bouncing off, it is no wonder they are losing this war. Numbers wise though, the Vegan should be heavily out numbered. I mean, they were almost all killed by the disease, how did they build up such ridiculous military strength not to mention being far advanced then the Federation.

At least the new love interest for our main character is much better then Emily. They are starting off on a much better foot in general. The main character is starting off pro with a decent girl too. Probably the best thing to come with this time skip. I can only assume all the characters pre time skip will be taking a back seat in this anime. "Let the kids handle it, once you grow up you can't do anything!" This makes no sense when Flint being super powerful X-Rounder that could kill everyone is not in the front lines still. Those balance hammers are powerful.

New dual wielding Gundam! Leaving your most prized possession and greatest asset to the war in the hands of an amateur that has never even piloted a mobile suit before. Why would you even hide away such a powerful machine when you are losing the war. At least from the OP we know it will be upgraded soon. The Gundam will actually look good after the upgrade instead of looking extremely generic.

Based on preview and the OP I guess he will be the new sidekick for our new main character. A new white woolf that is actually secretly working for the other side! I guess we will be going back to school life judging by the preview, a nice break from the usual emoness. This time skip was purely to kick Flint down a notch because he was too powerful. This episode just leaves a billion questions that will never be answered since they are too busy trying to break the balance of the show. Just as I was starting to like it from the last few episodes they decided to drop it to crap again...