High School DxD 01 - First Impressions

Checkmating with a pawn, eh? Foreshadowing? Maybe. Prior to watching this first episode, I read the couple chapters of the manga along with watching the trailer. After seeing said episode, I can confirm my suspicions. This is the kind of anime you watch after turning off your brain and just try to enjoy it. Indeed, this has the makings of your typical supernatural harem with tons of fanservice that usually comes with the genre.

I'd love to know where I can get one of these alarm clocks. Judging from this first episode, the production quality isn't going to be high, but not terrible either. With these shows, it seems that more of the budget is appropriated to the various fanservice shots. As far the characters go, the main character seems fine. I actually laughed out loud from his first line, "Ahhh, I wanna grab some tits." Not because the line itself was funny, but because of the recent popularity of Yuki Kaji voicing main characters. I already had his voice associated him the epitome of beta that is Ouma Shu from Guilty Crown. Regarding Issei himself though, I like him already, as far as harem protagonists go. I mean, he actually went ahead and held his girlfriend's hand all by himself!

Unfortunately, said girlfriend kills him right after. If I recall correctly, the guy from Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka died and was resurrected in the first episode, so I was reminded of it in that respect. There were several shots that focused on that pink scrunchie, so that might come into play in the future. Also, if you were watching Subdesu's subs, I'm pretty sure the translated "Seiplit" meant Sacred Gear, which they'll probably deal with in the next episode.

Issei seems to have gained some superhuman powers, in the dark at least. Though he couldn't put them to use against this guy voiced by Wakamoto. They hinted different the different sides, such as Fallen Angels and Devils, which will probably be further explored next week. I'm also hoping that the chess game that Rias is playing comes into play. Hopefully, this writer isn't as ignorant to the rules as a certain Code Geass scene.

This anime is exactly what it presents itself to be: supernatural fights with gratuitous fanservice. If you didn't like this episode, I doubt you'll like the rest of the show. For those who love this stuff, you're in for a fun ride. Personally, I'm just going to turn my brain off and try to have fun with it.