First look at Moretsu Pirates

After seeing the trailer for this show, I was pretty hyped up to see an anime on space pirates. The episode itself wasn't spectacular, but I still hold out hope that it could turn out well. We didn't even get to the main point of space pirating yet, I guess things will be kicked into gear next week. At least it made for a nice introduction episode.

The main hook so far is their depiction of the futuristic world. On a side note, we are moving towards using robots and androids because it is cheaper then using real people. Dunno how this could ever be reversed unless robots conquer humanity and become the overlords. Other small things you see like the magazine being read, or the code lock for the door. Just small touches on the setting are always nice.

How is an official pirating license even possible? Isn't that a contradiction in itself? Piracy by definition is stealing and extorting, this is a weird world where that could be legal. Though so little is given about this, based on politics it could be possible. The independent nation that contracted them recognized their efforts in the war and gave them a free pass for their world. That doesn't mean it is legal everywhere though. I am probably just reading too deeply into this though, I'll see if they touch on this subject again.

Then we get our mystery transfer student that is obviously going to be an important character. You see her everywhere in the OP and ED. I liked her more from those, the second she actually got screen time in the show she turned out to be pretty shitty. Way to make a horrible first impression, she is portrayed as such a cold character and then does some wtf shit with the parfait.

I think she would make a great space pirate captain, I mean who could turn that offer down? This show looks like it will be more shounenesque style that they are going for. Nothing like random space pirating with a simple plot to just relax to; Cute girls doing cute things to space ships! Not everything has to be loldeep like Symphogear is trying to do. Hopefully they will start to explain a bit more why she is so special next episode. I look forward to her wacky space adventures!